Technical View

R&D ,Design and Testing
SISME’s R&D and Engineering Centre is located in SISME Italy. It develops world-class products, positioning SISME Group at the forefront of the Electrical Motor for Compressor technology and Refrigeration Industry. The R&D and Marketing Departments are able to identify and predict market trends and to develop innovative solutions, in order to provide market advantages to the end Customers. The Design Centre develops the new ideas into new products and processes. SISME’s highly skilled engineering and manufacturing workforce continually focus on product and process development, to ensure that innovation is applied cost effectively to the end product. In all of SISME plants worldwide, state-of–the–art production machines are supported by accurate testing equipment, aimed at ensuring that each and every product, leaving SISME’s plant, will withstand the operating environment for which they were designed. All the materials and components used for the assembly of SISME Electric Motors are UL and Rohs compliant.


SISME’s  strategy is to have the Supplier directly involved in the continuous improvement process. The involvement is done at various levels:

Supplier’s Quality System  
Before to be approved as a SISME’s supplier, each supplier is evaluated by SISME Quality Assurance.  ISO Certified suppliers are always preferred; other factors, as supplier’ location, financial strength, ability of keeping a safety stock, ultimately the capability of supplying without interruptions is also taken into account. Safety and respect of the environment are also important selection factors. .
First Samples and Certification
Each supplier’s first sample (material, component or sub-assembly) undergo a series of strict tests, detailed in Procedures written and updated by the Engineering and Quality Depts. The Procedures are the results of more than 50 years experience in making electric motors. When required, the new components are also submitted to UL for testing and, if approved, they will be added to SISME’s own UL file.
Daily checks on supplies
Regular supplies coming from qualified suppliers are checked following the Incoming Inspection Procedures. The Quality Dept. records all the results in a Supplier Data Base. Target in term of PPM (Part Per Million allowed rejects) are defined for each supplier.